Celebrity Suicides and Everyday Awareness

You can predict a lot of people’s social media posts.

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Social Script Cop-outs

When I was younger, I spent more time than an adolescent likely should attending funerals. It wasn’t a weird hobby or anything, my family just had a lot of bad luck. And if I had a dollar for every time I heard the phrase “If there’s anything I can do, just let me know” I probably wouldn’t have any student debt.

So what can you do instead?

By all means, keep posting hotlines and resources. Even if no one engages with your post, seeing it might be what someone needs to take that first step. But also consider that these services are largely run on donations and staffed by volunteers. So maybe consider getting involved. If you have money, donate it. They need it. (Samaritans [UK] / National Suicide Prevention Hotline [US] / Suicide Prevention Australia / Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention)

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Poet and author across several genres, with a love of photography and gardening. Find out more: https://linktr.ee/hearningcurve

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