I agree, coal will weaken. If nothing else, the seams will run dry. And that’s a good thing. And yeah, people are leaving, most of the people I grew up with have left and settled in other states (and at least in my case, other countries).

But the issue with a tourism focus is that it doesn’t have the sort of high paid jobs that can support a family. Working in a resort is typically analogous to a retail job, albeit with nicer scenery to look at. And unless I’m misreading, the data you linked to suggests that tourism is actually decreasing as a proportion of employment in the state.

Additionally, I did address fracking, which in my opinion is just as bad and unsustainable as coal. It is growing, which is taking business from coal, but it’s still an environmental wrecking ball, and I believe given the opportunity to maintain a livelihood, many would choose something less destructive.

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