It’s Not Over Yet.

And until it is, here’s some good news coming from the election.

I Prefer ‘They’.

Utah voted to replace gendered language in its state constitution with gender-neutral language.

Love is Love.

Nevada will now recognize marriage as ‘between couples regardless of gender’, but religious organizations and clergypersons can refuse to solemnize a marriage.

Legalize it.

Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota voted to legalize recreational marijuana for individuals 21 years or older. Mississippi voted for medical marijuana.

Rising Wages and Benefits.

Florida voters approved a minimum wage increase to $10 an hour, with a $1 an hour increase every year until it reaches $15 an hour, at which point it will revert to being adjusted annually for inflation. Or, in other words, stagnation. Probably.

Drawing the Line on Gerrymandering.

Virginia has approved a ballot measure which ‘moves the drawing of the state’s congressional and legislative districts from the state legislature to a redistricting commission composed of state legislators and citizens.’

Enough is Enough.

Arkansas voted to impose term limits of 12 consecutive years for state legislators. They can run for election again after a 4 year break. Kind of like when Putin let Medvedev pretend to run Russia for a few years, except this is more likely to allows for fresh blood to circulate through legislative bodies.

Bone Up On…Well, Boning.

Washington (the state) passed a measure providing ‘comprehensive sexual health education for all students’, though it does require that students be excused if requested by parents.

Why Do We Even Still Have This?

Utah overwhelmingly supported striking language from its state constitution which allowed the ‘use of slavery and involuntary servitude as criminal punishments’. So did Nebraska.

But my emails…

Michigan police will now need a search warrant to access a person’s electronic data and electronic communications.

Bury the Coal.

Nevada approved a measure requiring electric utility companies to acquire 50% of their electricity from renewable resources by 2030. It’s too little, too late, but does demonstrate a changing public opinion. So there’s that.

Can’t Buy Me Love.

Oregon also approved a measure to authorize the state legislature and local governments to limit political contributions and expenditures.

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