It’s Time to Tune Out

Presidential debates are obsolete. So why do we feel obligated to pay attention?

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Source: CNN Screenshot, Taken During the Debate
A summary of the first presidential debate between Trump and Biden.
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So why do we still watch?

Given the DNC’s proclivity for trotting out the same old candidates over and over due to a misunderstanding of how political career trajectories work, we don’t need to get to know their candidates. We already know them (and our parents already knew them and in some cases our grandparents already knew them) and for the most part, their policies and opinions don’t change. Both Democrats and Republicans are prone to political dynasties (the RNC has more Bushes than a botanical garden, and there’s been think pieces galore written about Michelle Obama, Chelsea Clinton, and Ivanka Trump running for president) and candidates so old and senior within their parties that there has to be some Weekend At Bernie’s shenanigans going on.

‘Just don’t look’

As always, the Simpsons had the answer, long before there was a question. What can we do about this? Just don’t look. You’re not going to get anything out of the debates except a guilty (or not so guilty) pleasure from watching people be horrible to each other. If that’s what you’re after, go play Untitled Goose Game. Or if it’s the violence you want, watch Kill La Kill. Whatever you do, don’t scratch those itches on the pillars that are supposed to hold up society.

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