Yeah, feeling like you’re working under a microscope only adds undue stress to a work environment. If you don’t trust your employees to conduct themselves appropriately, to the point of feeling the need to micromanage them, perhaps it’s time to evaluate your own mentality!

And re: Biscuitgate, I remember when speaking to HR about it as part of why they were extending my probation period, the woman said to me, ‘you look like you disagree with that’ and I just shrugged and responded that it didn’t matter what did or didn’t happen. If that’s what someone thinks happened, then that’s what happened. It’s another side effect of microscope work environments. Optics is everything.

At another job with a similar issue, I made sure to start my lunch late and end it early, as well as eating at my desk, so that no matter when people left or returned from lunch, I could be seen at my desk. It was an insurance policy more than anything.

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